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Pipp is an approx. 2-3 yo male V. He is small for a male at 40 lbs, 21 inches tall, tail docked, dews removed. He is the dark mahogany red color and other than a few long scrapes down is nose he looks to be in good condition, but too thin. He has the prominent V at the top of his skull. He was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. Pipp is a bit shy meeting new dogs but warms up and plays once he gets to know the dogs. He was just neutered, micro-chipped, and updated on all his shots. He will kennel up when asked. He is not yet 100% reliable in the house which leads me to think he was an outside dog. On the hour ride home from the shelter he bounced around the back of the SUV like is was the bed of a pick-up truck. He also works the yard like he is very scent oriented so he may have been a hunting dog. Pipp will do fine with cats given proper management. Pipp is a sloppy eater and he is fed in his crate. He did growl once when I put my hand in his food bowl but he has improved greatly since that first day. Pipp likes men and women, is fairly well behaved overall, comes to call, and is a master bed cuddler. His foster home hunts and will try to evaluate him for hunting.

Jan 2007, Pipp's new family writes: Pipp is doing marvelously! He was nervous the first few times we took him to other homes but after he figured out that he came home with us each time, he really started showing affection for the entire family. He now sleeps with the youngest daughter and she feels safer because he will bark if anyone comes on the property. There is an upside to this for us also, the oldest boy has not been T-P'd for two months. We have caught several embarrassed teen aged girls though :) Pipp has taken to bird hunting just like a Vizsla should! He still does not like the sound of the gun very well, but is tolerating it just enough to point and retrieve. He seems very happy with his Lab partner at home, as long as he gets the majority of the petting. When he feels like we aren't paying attention to him, he will "maneuver" his way closer to the petter. Pipp is missed greatly by his foster parents who LOVE that face but we are sure he is a happy camper in his new digs.

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