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Pink is a 1-2 yo female who was found as a stray and not claimed from a shelter. She is currently scared of her own shadow. At the shelter she would not eat so she is really skinny as well. She has made progress, is not a fear biter, but at present she is an escape risk to jump a fence if scared. She needs to be inside the home until she has acclimated and gotten training. Pink is about 21 inches tall, 40 lbs but should be about 45, tail docked but dews on. She does well with other dogs and at my house is with 3 males and another female V. Pink came into the program on the 18th but based on a week's observation I hope to find her a home with a woman, willing to do training and socialization, who likes high energy dogs, and wants a dog who will be a project of pure love. She wet the floor on day one but not since then so I say she is housetrained, is crated while I am not home, and does pretty well on lead with me. Pink is scared of my hubby and just cowers when he approaches. She is eating well now and sleeps in the bed or curled up on the couch.

Update: On July 4th Rebecca met KoKo's new mom in So. UT. When they arrived home, KoKo bolted from the car by jumping over the head of her new mom. After 4 very emotional hours of searching and telephone calls, we got the call that made us know there is a doggie angel. KoKo was found and back in the hands of her new mom. She spent the first few days on lead only and being very scared. But in typical V style she is coming around. She is playing with her new Weim brother Jax and he is teaching her to beg at the table, sleep in the bed, and to bark at the men stealing the garbage. KoKo also climbed in the lap of a visitor and took a nap so we are quite sure that she is coming on strong to make herself "in the pink" with her forever mom. Take care of our special girl who gave us a very BIG scare.

April 2004: New photo.

Dec 2005 - Merritt writes: We took the children to see Santapaws, here is one of the pictures Tyler took. She was so good!

Jul 2015: Hi! I just wanted to share a picture of Koko, I took her home 12 years ago tomorrow. Her back legs don't always do what she wants them too, but with the help of some daily medication she can still get around. I am grateful that you brought us together so long ago. Take care, Merritt

Jan 2016, Merritt writes: I hope this finds you well. I wanted to wait till after the holidays to share this sad news. With a broken heart I have to share that Koko crossed to the Rainbow Bridge at the end of November. Her back legs finally stopped working and she stopped eating. As much as I did not want to say goodbye I knew (and my Vet confirmed) it was time to help her pass. We had a wonderful 12+ years together considering I thought I had lost her on my first day with her. She was a big part of our family, and proved to be a special girl that was easy to love. Thank you for connecting us together. I miss so many things about her and the house seems quiet without the clicking of her nails on the tile floor. She brought so much joy to my life. I know she is running and playing again now.

Thanks Merritt for sharing and, while it is sad news, Koko lived a grand life with you... as much as she could have hoped for and all that she deserved. Thank you and your family! Please visit Koko at The Bridge.

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