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In August 2000 Penny received a call from another breed rescue worker telling her about a Vizsla in the Boise shelter. When she arrived the next morning, three folks had come to adopt Pete and they had a lottery. The man who won lied on his application and could not have a dog at his apartment so Pete came back to the shelter in a week. The woman who got him second kept him for about 2 weeks and then decided he did not get along with her dogs and that he had cancer (he had a lump on his shoulder which was a reaction to his shots). We finally got Pete into rescue on 8/25/99 but his previous experiences helped him develop separation anxiety.

Penny and Frank worked with this by taking him to day care, taking him to work, and getting him on a calming aid. Pete made great progress over the weeks and we began the search for a person who was home most of the time. Pete is a wonderful loving dog who also likes other dogs. Warney in Colorado Springs, CO was just the ticket for Pete. He is retired but very active and will take Pete with him to his hobby "job", hiking and hunting. Pete loves to stalk squirrels.

On October 8, Rebecca drove to Burley, ID to meet Penny & Frank and pick up Pete. The next day Rebecca drove to Grand Junction, CO to meet Warney who drove from Colorado Springs to adopt Pete.

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