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On June 18, 2000 I again saw what is becoming a too familiar sight, an ad in the local paper. This time it was a 2 yo male with AKC papers. Story is also becoming too familiar. Pepper was being given up as the family had no time for him, had a toddler and another child on the way. Pepper had been hunted but was a kennel dog for the most part so was high energy as he had no fenced yard to run. On June 19 I got a call which was referred to me by Rita Prindle in CO. This family had previously had V's and one brother hunts so Pepper will get to hunt as a secondary event. However, they were looking mostly for a family companion. I drove out Tuesday to meet Pepper and called Leanne with the report. They were so excited that she jumped in her car and drove 6 hours to Salt Lake on Wednesday the 21st. We went out to meet Pepper and they fell in love. Leanne and Pepper spent the night with us and then headed back to Avon, CO. Dougal (formerly Pepper) is now fully enjoying the full attention of three adults, gets to hike in the great outdoors and will get to hunt in the fall.

Dec 2011, Leanne writes: I am sorry to tell you that Dougal-dog passed away earlier this year. He died of a sudden heart attack which is heart breaking but, otherwise he was in good health so he enjoyed life to the fullest until this last moment. In fact he was on a walk when the heart attack hit. We all feel very fortunate to have spent 11 great years with him. If you remember we adopted him from Utah Rescue in 2000, when he was approximately 2-3 years old. My mom and her husband are still very sad and miss him so, I lend them my V's so they can get their V fix. I am working with Colorado Vizsla rescue now and have 2 Vizslas myself so, I am still surrounded by V's and happier for it.

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