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Hennessey is a 7-yr old purebred vizsla who was owner released to rescue after an incident with an infant in her home. She was adopted from a local shelter 5 years earlier and, while her family was sad to give her up, they understood that the demands of a growing family were probably more than they and Heni were able to manage. While in foster care, we found Heni to be overall a friendly and happy dog despite some insecurity about new situations/dogs. She has been well loved for five years and has impeccable house manners, loves to play fetch, walks well on a lead, retrieves to hand but is reportedly gun shy.

Dec 2010: Dave & Marlene were looking for a middle-aged but active dog who could adapt to life in a condo with lots of playtime both on and off leash. She went for an overnight, changed her name to Penny and never left. It has been a fun few weeks as Penny brings Dave & Marlene up to speed on everything she knows. She is meeting the neighbors (human, dog & wildlife), taking naps in the easy chair and helping Dave on the computer. He says she's a lousy secretary but is good company and keeps him focused on how important break time is. Her first weekend she went shopping and helped pick out a new oval padded bed along with a Kong and a treat that she stole walking down an aisle! Penny is making friends wherever she goes. Thanks folks for agreeing to "overnight" Penny for the rest of her life.

Dec 2014, Dave writes: Thought we would check in. Penny loves when I challenge her and she continues to bring more love and affection into my life than I ever thought possible. Thank you from both of us for bringing us together. (new photo in gallery)

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