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Penny (now Chili) was released to rescue by her original owners after she nipped at a young child. As a young pup she displayed some fear and guarding behaviors but at just 7-months we felt she deserved another chance if we could find an experienced home able to control her access to children. The Idaho breeder refused to respond to messages from the family and her AKC pedigree was nothing to brag about but thanks to Rebecca's never-give-up attitude and Susan's willingness to open her heart to a girl who had few other options this Red Hot Chili Pepper is getting a second chance. On February 2nd she hopped in the car with Frank and rode to meet Rebecca. After a week of evaluation with the Dowdell hooligans and a spay, she was off on the plane to meet her new mom in Oklahoma City. She then happily rode home to TX with Susan. Special thanks to Charli Stokes for finding the perfect experienced home for Chili and being willing to offer her support and guidance in TX!!

Susan reports that all went fine at first meeting and Chili happily washed her face the instant they met. Chili is not fond of men in baseball caps but prior to her flight she had to climb across the counter and kiss all of the Delta personnel at the airport! Chili will get to go to obedience classes and will get the socialization she needs with an experienced owner able to manage her behaviors. Susan, thanks for truly saving this girl in every sense of the word and may your kindness be repaid tenfold by Chili's love.

Update June 2003 - Susan writes: Today is Chili's birthday. She's 1 year old and I can't believe she's been with me for only 4-1/2 months. Seems like she's always been here! We're have a party for her tonight complete with yogurt ice cream and party hats. She is so sweet and loving to everyone, including Ebony! (see photos)

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Chili in her new home.

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