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One Copper Penny, aka Penny, was born 5/18/2006. Her parents are C and N's Ace in the Hole and C & N's Diamonds Royal Flush. Her tail is docked properly, dews off, currently 35 lbs. I expect she will be 40-42 lbs and 20-21 inches full grown. She is spayed, up to date on shots, micro chipped. She was given up by a family with 4 kids under the age of 8 yo. She has lived mostly in the yard and slept in the garage in her kennel. She complains about being in the kennel if she can see you so we cover the crate with a blanket and she settles right in. Penny rode well in the crate in the car but she did get car sick so would advise no car rides right after dinner. She has been in the field a couple of times and reportedly not gun shy, nice point, very good nose. The fellow bought her to hunt and just has no time with work and family. She is a very natural retriever and loves to play with tennis balls or sticks and most of the time brings them to hand. Of course she is all puppy so you can also expect to get your socks, slippers, and toilet paper brought to you as well. She is not yet housetrained but is eager to please and a fast learner. Did I mention that she is a puppy so she chews on any item in reach? Penny did well on leash after a few "pops" to get her to stop pulling. At her past home she was allowed in the front yard off leash and never ran off. In the field they did use a shock collar on her but we prefer that not continue. She did not have any regular dog play buddies so is learning play styles of different dogs and she is submissive to them when they get too rowdy -- she will drop and roll on her back. They had a short 3.5 ft fence and she never went over the fence or dug under the fence but as with all our dogs we don't want her in the yard when no one is home. There were some holes in her yard so she probably is going to dig if left unattended. Penny is high energy and high drive. She is a little whirling dervish and gets so excited at new people and the prospect of playing. She also can be whiney when bored or anxious. She is a master face kisser and has never met a person or kid she did not want to play with, if not bowl over!

April 2007: Jason & Julia were looking for a young dog who was good with kids but didn't want to go through the puppy stage.... so they started with a juvenile delinquent! Penny is a handful and their lives will never be the same but they love every bit of it and Penny is loving her new life as a house dog and family member.

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