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Penny is an approx 1-yr old V that came from a local shelter as an unclaimed stray. Her tail is docked, dews off. She is too thin at 35 lbs and appears to have no obedience skills. We are working on house training with her and she will need better social skills and leash training. She made herself right at home curling up in laps and sleeping on the bed. She is a puppy who still likes to chew and a pair of yard shoes met their demise with her. Penny even got Austin, the old timer, to play tag. Penny and company found a cat in our yard -- crazy cat -- and she joined in the chase with the gang. I had to hold off 5 rabid Vs with a pooper scooper in hand to save the cat. I would not adopt her to a home with a cat!

Update Oct 2006: Penny spent a couple of months with Peter, Louise and Bud. However, a landlord dispute ended with Pete having to let another family adopt Penny. It did not take long for her to win the hearts of David and Juli. They had Vizsla experience with a pair of dogs who shared their lives. So they love all the traits Penny has to offer -- ready to roll whenever and also able to cuddle on the couch for quiet time. Penny has a nice yard in which to run and play and sniff. And she has the neighbors dog with whom to romp and play with full tilt. So Penny has her new family out on daily walks and they are taking her on short car trips to get her more comfortable with the car. She will get to go on vacation in the summer to the beach so we look forward to stories and photos!

Update Sept 2007: Penny got a new little brother when Tyson joined the family after winning them all over at the rescue picnic!

Jul 2016, Juli writes: Here's a recent photo of Penny and Tyson, 11 and 9 years old now. Sweet white faces! David has their attention because he has treats. They are inseparable best friends. We continue to travel with them to Iowa and California each year. And they love their daily walks. I hope you are doing well. I check the website site from time to time just to see who is up for adoption.

Dec 2019: Please visit Penny & Tyson at The Bridge.

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