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PeeDee is an approx 6-yr old neutered German shorthair who was adopted from a shelter 5 years ago. He has a thyroid condition which will require daily but inexpensive ($10?/mo) medication. He is showing signs of arthritis in his rear legs which should improve as he loses weight (which we expect to happen with the help of the thyroid meds) but may require pain management as he ages. He gets along with other dogs and is manageable with cats and livestock. PeeDee has been kept mostly as an outside dog but he has good manners and would dearly love to have a warm spot on a couch next to you before winter comes. He is not a barker but he does sit at the fence and watch the house when he's outside in the pen. He just wants to be inside with his family. PeeDee is also a reasonable hunter and would love the opportunity to get out and hunt up a few birds in the fall but he must be an indoor family member first and hunter second. Got a comfy couch for PeeDee?

Update Oct 2007: PeeDee got his huge break in life as well as the new name of Jasper when Teresa and Jennifer offered him a retirement life as an inside dog, loved family member and companion to not only Jennifer but to the cats and small dogs in the home as well. Be Jennifer's best friend and stay warm this winter, Jasper!

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