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Three year old Peach was turned in by her owner to Angie with Second Chance Pet Rescue in Coeur d'Alene ID shortly before Christmas. She was reportedly very timid and unsocialized as she had been pretty much banished to the backyard after she was determined to be gun-shy.

We knew she needed a secure, loving place where she could build her confidence and learn the social skills she lacked. Bob & Kathy had been on our waiting list to adopt ever since their daughter adopted Cooder and they lived less than a day's drive from where Peach was so Kathy made arrangements to take Peach in and foster her with the option to adopt. The cats are still thinking it over but Kathy's mind was made up the first night. Then they had to get through the meeting with Bob since he was out of town at the time and Peach was terribly fearful of men but once she figured out Bob and the easy chair went hand-in-paw the deal was done and Peach was home.

Update Jan 2005: Peach got a new vizsla brother this month when Charlie joined the family.

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