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Oscar was pulled from a Provo shelter. He was found as a stray and not claimed. He is estimated to be 6 years old, coat is the real dark mahogany color and in great shape. Oscar is house and crate trained, sleeps on a dog pillow on the floor and has been trained to stay off the couch and bed unless called up. He has had too much access to the food bowl and needs to lose some 10+ lbs. He is fine with other dogs, a bit grumbly when he has the toy or bone and they try to steal his prize. He is learning to play with others so we guess that he was an only dog in his prior life. He does like to chase tennis balls but does not always bring them back. Oscar is a happy boy for most occasions. He did not like the vet looking at his teeth or checking his leg range of motion so he was muzzled and you will want to muzzle to clip toe nails. We do not have cats or children to "test" him with so those are unknowns but Oscar seems to love all humans male and female equally.

Update Aug 02: Cozette reports that Oscar is learning to come to his name and that he has had formal obedience training at some point in his mysterious life. He follows hand signals to sit, down and comes on a dime (that is of course if he is not after some critter). Oscar is settling into life with a Pom, cats, and a bird on his new 4 acre estate in wild, wild WY. Thanks folks for giving our "weight challenged" boy a wonderful retirement home.

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