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Olivia is an approx. 8-9 yr old female who came to us as an unclaimed stray from a Boise shelter. We are still getting to know her but initial evaluation is that she is very sweet, has been sharing a kennel with another dog and is a lap dog for sure. Update Feb 3: "Livvy" had her teeth cleaned today, had a few lumps & bumps checked out, basic blood work and our vet feels she is a healthy senior girl. We have discovered she is hard of hearing... not deaf but she doesn't seem to know where sounds are coming from... so she may need some specialized training for recall. She is excellent with the cat, other dogs and people, has wonderful house manners and loves to snuggle on the couch or bed.

Feb 27 2006: Olivia found a perfect retirement home with Jon & Jackie in the northern California mountains. With a new name of Sheba, she quickly made herself at home with the cats, on the furniture and in their hearts. As a gunner for field trials and avid hunter Jon has had vizslas for decades and when he buried his last V girl two years ago he vowed to never bury another. Then someone told him about vizsla rescue and he learned it's not about getting another dog for himself but giving new life to a dog who has nothing. Thank you Jon & Jackie for opening your hearts and know that the love you have to share will never be taken lightly. We think Sheba and the others before her would be proud to know all the hard work they put into training you isn't going to waste!

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