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Rudi, Lizzie and Oliver came into rescue as a result of a breeder who could not sell all the pups. Over the past couple of months there were at least 6 litters of Vizsla in the area and not enough buyers.

Oliver was the last to go home but he did so in such style. His new daddy flew into Salt Lake and took him home on the plane. His new family reports that he did not sleep much on the plane but he was still very good. Oliver has a nice big house to scamper and "zoom" around, a huge yard to play in, and a boat dock with a resident blue heron. About the only thing that does not love him to date is that heron.

Aug 2005 - Susan writes: We hope you've had a great summer. Oliver is losing his buddy, Sugar Pie, as they are moving away, but the new neighbors have a 2 year old Golden Retriever and will be arriving soon :) It's hard to believe Oliver will be 2 on Sept 5th. He's enjoyed the activity of having construction workers around the house the last couple of months. We are adding a new bath and closet. He can distinguish easily between the "regulars" and newcomers and lets us know of strangers with a great, assertive bark. Having the gate left open often has really tested his self-discipline regarding staying in the yard and he's done beautifully. We hope you enjoy the attached pictures.

Dec 2011, Susan writes: Oliver Twister is doing great and is now 8 years old and loving his life as any "only child", even if he is a senior citizen! Our daughter, Caroline, is pictured in the attached photo with Oliver on a balmy 67 degree day here in Virginia Beach over the Christmas holiday. We hope your Christmas was merry and wish you and the dogs all the best for 2012!

Dec 2012: Thanks so much for the holiday email from Vizsla Rescue! Oliver is doing very well in his old age of 9. Caroline came home from BYU at Thanksgiving and Christmas and he literally couldn't stop smiling at her. She has since returned so he is moping around here now. They are good buds. Our hot tub had finally seen its last days before the summer so Santa brought a new one and Oliver is so happy to be able to sit out on the deck in the crisp winter air while Randy soaks, waiting and watching for any wild critter to enter the yard! :-D Hope you had a great holiday and will have a terrific year in 2013! Fondly, Susan, Randy, & Caroline

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