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Oct 2019: Odin was released to rescue at 18 mos old when he started acting out during his owner's long work days. He had been raised well... happy, outgoing but just a little bit too much energy at times. He had already been started on birds. As an avid hunter, David had been missing his first vizsla (who he lost tragically much too young) and hoped to avoid going through the puppy stage but wasn't sure what to expect from a young adult dog. The timing was right and the stars aligned and David agreed to foster Odin with the option to adopt if it worked out... and work out it did!

Dec 2019: Thank you David for taking this journey with Odin and helping him become the great companion and hunter he was bred to be. We always love it when we can place a dog with someone who appreciates, not only the loving nature of the vizsla, but also let him do what he was bred to do... HUNT.

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