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Odin is an AKC male born 5/96 who lost his home when the new baby came home. His house manners are wonderful, good with cats & other dogs, he likes nice children, loves to go for walks, car rides and camping but is not fond of water. He is a friendly, gentle guy who has always been a house dog and would love to sleep on the bed if you will let him. He is not noise-shy but has not been hunted.

August 2003: Odin spent several weeks in Seattle with Michelle & Eva while we evaluated his social skills and looked for just the right home. We think he found the perfect match with Virginia, John and Rufus. Rufus has decided that having a big brother to wrestle with is okay even if it means he has to share his stuffie toys and everyone but the cat thinks Odin is a keeper. She wants to know who gave them the idea he is good with cats! (We're sure she will come around in due time.) Odin is delighted to have a man in his life again and it only took a little encouragement from John to convince him that crossing the stream on a camping trip wasn't really as scary as he first thought it would be... nor was it as scary as falling in the pool while making his debut appearance in his new backyard. How uncool was THAT?

Dec 2010, Virginia writes: I've been meaning to let you know that we finally had to let go of Odin in October. His whole rear-end had pretty much stopped working and he was not a happy dog. He was snapping at us a lot, and actually bit me pretty hard the night before we said goodbye. He's planted in our front yard beneath a new camellia bush. We took him to Dove Lewis and they were really wonderful. Thanks for helping bring him into our lives, he was a good old boy. (And thank you from us for giving Odin a great life!)

Check out the photos of Odin with his new family at http://teamweb.com/rufus

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