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Nyra is estimated to be 3-4 yo. She is about 22 inches tall and 40 lbs, should be about 45. She has a properly docked tail, dews removed. She came to rescue as an unclaimed stray from the Ogden UT shelter. Nyra is very timid and shy. She seems to have been an only dog but is learning that the other dogs are not out to eat her. She is a couch and bed snuggle pro, is housetrained, and is crated while we are gone (much to her chagrin). She is not a big barker in the yard, not a big chewer or digger. I don't have kids or cats so cannot tell you about those aspects. She does appear to be on the alpha side and she loves to mark over the top of my two boys. She has been around another female V without any fray, but has not lived in the house with another female. She rides well in the car, walks fairly well on lead, but can be a picky eater. Nyra needs someone who can teach her confidence and give her love with a very gentle and understand hand.

Update Feb 2003: The family reports that Misty is sleeping on the bed with Kevin and that she is getting to be quite friendly with the neighbors and their dogs. Misty seemed to have an instant connection with Kevin and he selected her over another dog in foster care which was perfect for her. She has proved to be a great trail buddy, off leash she does not wander far and loves the hikes in the mountains.

Feb 2006: New photo of Misty showing off her new filled out figure and beautiful coat!

Dec 2008: Misty is doing great. With our son living at home and going to the Community College near by, Misty is rarely at home alone for long. She is looking pretty cute curled up under our Christmas tree right now. We are having a lot of fun with a new activity called geocaching that we started recently. Since this often involves hiking, Misty has a great time on the trail and hunting for geocaches with us. We have had quite a bit of snow here in the Seattle area over the last few days. It was about 22 degrees out the other day when we bundled up to go out for a walk. We still have the little dog booties that Misty used when we lived up in Park City so we put those on her and put a toddlers pull over fleece sweater on her too. You can imagine all the "oohs" and "how cute" comments we got and several people had to stop us so they could cuddle and pet Misty; she loves the attention and leans into anyone that wants to scratch her soft ears - but she always keeps her eye on me.

Jan 2011: Misty's family was transferred overseas to a country she could not go to so in Dec 2010, Misty came back to us. She has been well loved since 2003 and we are sad for her family but, in true vizsla fashion, Misty is adjusting to all the changes in her life like a champ. She suffers from pretty severe allergies and we are working to try and get a handle on the constant itching and yeasty ears. She is believed to be about 11-yrs old now and is a graceful, gentle soul. She is good with all people, dogs and cats, comes to call on a trail and loves to snuggle in your lap. We've added some new photos of Misty in her foster homes.

May 2011: Read about Misty's new love of her life here.

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