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Sammy, a rescue dropped off with his brother Beau at a Vegas pound, has fit right in at his new home with Rebecca Cooper. Rebecca forked out a lot of dough for Sammy's airfare to Michigan...if he only knew how truly lucky he is!! Thank you Rebecca!

Update June 2003: Sammy is the most wonderful dog! And he has grown up so much emotionally since we got him at Thanksgiving of 2001. When we got him, he was pretty shut down emotionally, like he was so tired of the emotional rollercoaster of being abandoned, then cared for by a series of people, then shipped across the country, that he just decided to be stoic and not feel anything. Now he is curious, friendly with people he doesn't know, and he seems to really trust us and is comfortable that we are going to be his family forever.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Sammy with his new family.

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