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Logan is 10-12 mos (guess) and is a sweet boy with an underbite. He likes other dogs, adores kids and is fascinated by cats. He is very birdy. Logan's family will need to be diligent in supervision and like any dog, or even moreso, Logan needs training. He is active and loving and has suffer no abuse other than shuffling homes.

Update: In June 2003 Logan went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was purchased as a puppy from a pet store and came into rescue at under 1-yr old. Except for poor conformation and being a high-energy puppy he seemed to have no real issues. After a time in his adoptive home he began showing signs of aggression and was eventually returned to rescue where his problems continued to escalate. In June, the painful decision was made to release him from this world that made him so unhappy and he joined the others at the Bridge. Play hard, be happy little Logan.

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