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BOB - Original story

BOB is a 2-3 year old purebred vizsla who is looking for an experienced home with a lot of patience. He is not a fence jumper, he kennels, he likes to ride in a car and is very loving but he takes a while to warm up and has some fear issues. He will nip or attempt to nip if grabbed or cornered by someone he doesn't know and it scares him but once he trusts that he won't be hurt he can be handled easily. When he first came to rescue he was REALLY bad, starved, fine motor skills were compromised, couldn't walk on tile, and a basket case. Now he plays, learns things fast, and is a lover. Loves water, baths, rides in a canoe, 4 wheeler, likes camping, and is healthy.

Nov/Dec 2003: Bob has a new home in CA and, besides his new mom & dad, he has a V brother Bodie to go hiking with. Stacy reports he is doing very well and has gained weight. He still has some resource guarding issues with Bodie (not with the humans) and is still afraid of new people and things but we think he's on the right track now and he should continue to improve as he settles in and gains confidence.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Bob with his new family.

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