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On September 14th, Vizsla Rescue was contacted by a couple regarding their five-month-old, female Vizsla. They could not tolerate her energy and were looking to either put her down or have us find a new home for her. We picked up the bundle of joy of September 18th and found her to be completely starved for attention, full of energy but desperate to please her humans. With three other dogs leading the way, Ninja quickly learned what she could do and what she couldn't do in foster care. After two weeks of careful analyzing to see what her behavior patterns consisted of, it was clear that Ninja would fit comfortably with children and other dogs as long as she was in a loving home with attention.

The Flora family responded to Rebecca's email regarding Ninja and she spent a couple of months in their care. She learned house manners, loved the kids, and became buddies with Dante. But Ninja hit the jackpot when her forever home found her. The Lewis family in ID saw photos of her and fell in love. Ninja caught a ride from Salt Lake to Boise with Sarah who is Simon's mom. Then she hitchhiked way up north in ID with a Lewis family member. Ninja is now home forever with a family and 2 doggie brothers - Dude and Xeno. The family tells me she is a silly girl who loves bear hugs, playing with the other dogs, snuggles in bed and above all she loves Josh -- her hu-man!

Dec 2003 update: Dude and Ninja lost their friend and mentor this year when 9-yr old Xeno died suddenly from an unknown illness shortly before Christmas. May Xeno run and play with the others at the Bridge while he waits for his special friends to join him there.

Dec 2012: New pictures added of Dude, Ninja & their V buddy, Koot.

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