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Crystal came from a Utah shelter as a stray and is estimated to be 12-18 months old, 40-lbs, dew claws removed and a proper tail dock. She is a new intake and we are still evaluating her but the initial assessment is she is a little skittish, loves her crate (because she can hide in there), does not love the other dogs but hasnít had any run ins yet, and in typical vizsla fashion, loves to lean on and be touching you. She has some dime-sized scars on her back that look like they are from an old injury but they are all healed up.

July 2005: Nicoya charmed her way into her home when a local couple came to meet and adopt another dog. Crystal, as she was being called, was shy and a bit reserved with people and other dogs, but a champion cuddle girl. She had just been pulled from a shelter and had a grand case of kennel cough and had just been spayed. She was not feeling her best but still tried her best to impress. After a night of debating which dog might fit best with their life style, Beth and Collin decided on Crystal. She was re-named Nicoya after a wonderful Costa Rican spot her parents had recently visited. Nicoya has made lots of dog buddies and is learning to play with toys, balls, and other dogs. Beth writes: Thank you so much for introducing us to Nicoya. We could not be happier with her! She is an absolutely wonderful dog and we go on hikes almost every evening!

Dec 2010, Collin wirtes: Attached are a few pictures of Nicoya at the ripe old age of 6 and a half (I can't believe we got her in 2005). She is doing well, still able to run for miles and miles on the trail, but beginning to go a bit gray underneath the chin. I guess that happens to all of us at some point!

Jan 2011, Collin writes: We received this card from our Vizsla, Nicoya, who is staying with relatives on a 120 acre farm while we are out of the country for a time. I thought you might enjoy it. (We do... thanks Collin!)

Feb 2017, Collin & Beth write: We want to let you all know that after ~12,000 walks, ~5,000 miles of running, and ~16,000 poop-bags we had to put Nicoya down this past week. Her cancer finally spread and prevented her from living with a decent quality of life anymore after 13 wonderful years. We want to let you know that we greatly appreciate all of the time, effort, and most importantly, love you have given all the Vizslaís at the the Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue. We will miss her dearly, but it was time to begin the next journey. Thanks again for everything! Here are a few of our favorite memories with Nicoya. Please visit Nicoya at The Bridge

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