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Original story: Niko is a 4-yr old male (b 11/29/2006, sire: Sedona Kis Cheyenne; dam: Kalamity Hrm Sue) who was not coping well with a recent move to an apartment and a family too busy to meet his needs. Some of his "acting up" might have been due to the fact that he suffers from mild seizures and that was getting lost in the shuffle of a busy family. It's likely that some of the medications he was on for anxiety might have contributed to his seizures. He is safe now in a vizsla experienced foster home where we are adjusting his medications and getting to know the real Niko one day at a time. Niko is okay with other dogs, not great with cats and seems to love all people. He was a big hit with the staff at the clinic where he had his exam, blood work and did a one night stint at their boarding facility. We will post updates as we have them. If you have room in your heart and home for a special needs boy, Niko prefers a home in the Seattle area. He will need basic training with a gentle hand. (Special thanks to Claudia with SPDR for helping get Niko into rescue and safe while we figured out where to go from there.)

Feb 2011: Niko decided in pretty short order that he belonged with Vicki & Andrew. He had his hooks into Vicki at first meeting. It took a little more weaseling to convince Andy but before long the deal was sealed. Already owned by vizsla Zoli and previously by Madame Katica, Niko must have known this was going to be an easy sell especially for a dog who knew very little beyond his name and 'sit', had separation anxiety, was an expert counter cruiser, hogged the bed and covers and had a seizure disorder. Niko was definitely home and Vicki flunked fostering 101. Sorry Andy :)

Mar 2011: "Never a dull moment" is an understatement for life with Niko but it seems the more chaos he causes the more they love him. He continues to have seizures which seem to surface during times of stress but he couldn't be more loved. Thank you for making room in your hearts and lives for Niko. It's always the ones others think are difficult who bury themselves the deepest in our hearts.

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