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NEWTON aka Newton Faraday Davis

Six-year old Newton was released in April 2000 to OR/WA Vizsla Rescue by his owners because the dynamics of three males in one household was more than they were able to manage. The other two dogs in the house were littermates and Newton was the one who had to go. He had been given to them some six months earlier by his original owners who felt they did not have room for him in their growing family. Newton was in Spokane WA but the right home for him was in Ogden UT. His then current owners agreed to drive him half way to Boise so on Sunday April 16 Penny & Frank met them in Whitebird ID and brought Newton back to Boise. He spent a few days in Boise and the following Friday he caught a ride to Ogden with Mary of Belgian Sheepdog rescue where he was met by Jason. Newton came into rescue with AKC papers, a whole list of parlor tricks and had supposedly been trained to hunt although no one could verify that he had ever been hunted. His pedigree revealed his mother was the product of a backyard breeder in Boise ID and his father came from some fairly well respected northwest lines. Jason had recently lost his Vizsla to cancer and wanted a companion and hunting partner. So from Spokane to Ogden with a 4-day layover in Boise, Newton got to his new home through the cooperative efforts of two different Vizsla rescue groups and many helping hands along the way.

Newton Faraday Davis was born 6/21/1993 out of dam Prince George's Pennie and sire Beigerts Saker of Sweetwater.

March 2005 update: Newton lost a battle with cancer early this month and we can't thank Jason and family enough for giving him a chance to hunt and be loved for the best years of his life. Visit him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Like all good vizslas, Newton had trained his family well and they knew they couldn't live without another vizsla in their lives. Bogie joined the family shortly after Newton's passing to help fill the empty space in their hearts.

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