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Nebo was born July 1998, tail docked, dews removed, 23", 55-lbs. Nebo came into rescue when his owner retired and wanted to travel. He gave Nebo to a co-worker with small dogs who did not get along with him so into rescue he came. Nebo is in foster care with 4 other V's, male and female and he gets along great with all of them. He is house and crate trained. He has been allowed on couches but will also settle on a dog bed. He needs to be inside when left as he has jumped a 6" fence. Nebo likes to chew bones. We are told he likes water and to swim. Nebo knows sit, stay/wait, come, down. He is friendly, energetic and social with all people and a happy, well adjusted dog. NO cats in his potential home.

Jan 2006: After 5 months in foster care Nebo found his home. He hopped a plane and went to CA as a Christmas gift to himself and his new mom. Nebo has managed to land himself an older woman V and he adores Maggie. Nebo washes her face and snuggles with her and in typical woman style, she tolerates all his attentions! Nebo is learning basic commands and to walk on a leash instead of pulling like a draft horse. He gets to have a dog walker come in for mid-day and then get walks morning and evening with mom. Nebo aka Jackbo is responding well to his new name which will be just Jack in the near future. Nebo, Nemo, Jackbo, Jack -- we miss you but know that you are so happy to be home.

Jun 2008: We were sad to receive news this month of Jack's passing from complications of old age. Visit Jack at The Bridge.

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