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We wish we could tell you that rescue was all great stories of dogs being saved and homes being found for all. That was not to be for Nana. Nana came to us from a UT shelter days before Christmas 2009. We spent $1200 on medical care and were excited to see small tail wags and Nana jumping on the couch to sit with people and finally seeking out attention in small doses. Tonight Nana had a cluster of very bad grand mal seizures. She was not able to recover and after about an hour and we made the decision to let her sleep. Sometimes the best we can do is ensure they are in loving hands when their time comes.... and Nana was in the best there are with Daryl & Rrebecca.

Nana's story: Nana was an unclaimed stray from a Utah shelter. She is about 8 yrs old. Her tail is docked, dews off. She is about 40-lbs and needs to gain some weight. She was in poor shape and was not considered adoptable by the shelter. She had been bred many times, never spayed, and she had mammory tumors on most of her teets. She had infected ears, kennel cough, a respiratory infection, and an eye mole that needed to be removed. Her medical work was rough on her but she has been a trooper. Nana has tough scar type tissue on her nose - could be untreated allergies, sunburn that occured time and time again, or rubbing her nose on a kennel chain link door. Nana is a very reserved dog. She does not seek out attention like most Vizsla but she is not scared of people. She is learning house manners and is crated but is not a fan of a crate. She may have some hearing loss as she does not respond to being called. Nana has given us small tail wags and we hope with time she will blossom. Is there is a home out there that wants a very subduded dog that needs time and love to blossom? Her pictures tell the story of her life and we hope we can change her feeling that "no one wants me".

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