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Myla came from a Boise area shelter in 2001. In 2002 she found a great home in AZ who spent tons of time with her. But her dad recently married and his wife is very allergic to her and her pregnancy does not allow her to continue to take medication. Myla is a smaller girl at about 45 lbs, thin, very athletic. She has a high hunt drive for birds, squirrels, and moving objects. Myla will need a fenced yard of at least 6 feet but she cannot be left in the yard when people are not home as she can go hunting on her own over or under any fence. Her name is Slavic and means playful, independent, analytical -- and it could not be more perfect. Myla is house trained, has very good people manners, is very good with other dogs, is manageable with cats but will chase when they run. Myla is reliable in the house uncrated. Due to her energy level we prefer to not place her with young children. Her previous home spent a lot of time with her as he worked from home so we would like to find a similar situation. Myla would love a more rural setting with acres to run. She has good recall once bonded with a new person. She also needs a home that is willing to work with her medication needs. Myla has Valley Fever, her titers are low and she is not symptomatic but is taking a course of medication. She will need some follow-up blood work and possibly another round of medication that runs about $80 for 3 months.

Aug 2004 update: Thanks to long drives by the new family and the foster home, Myla made her way to her new family. Myla is doing great and so is the new family. She spends much of her time inside pointing birds and the neighborhood cats through the windows. She is reported as bonding especially well with Linda and has performed all of her assorted tricks. A hike in the Organ Mountains is planned for this coming weekend and also visits to the dog park. Myla will get to travel in the motor home, go fishing, and will get to be with her people 24/7. We know she will love it as much as they will love her.

Jan 2010, Greg & Linda write: Myla is doing well. The Valley Fever pops its head up from time to time but here health is great. For some time now she and Linda walk 5+ miles a day in the morning. This winter she started shivering in the cold (30-40 here) for the first time so Linda found her a dog, red hoody sweatshirt which wear every morning. She has become the hit of several neighborhoods where they walk with school kids, mothers, folks on their way to work and old men. We even have people slow down in front of our house to see if she is outside in her hoody. Her energy is boundless even at her age of 11 ( our best guess). Her only downsides are her hard headedness and usually getting skunked once or twice a year either in our yard (skunks love it for some reason or on the adjacent lots in back that we own. She's great, we lover her, thanks for helping us find her.

Dec 2012, Greg & Linda write: I thought I would give you an update on Myla, who you helped us adopt. She is still happy and healthy, walking 5 to 6 miles, 5 days a week. We calculate she is about 15 now based on what we knew of her age when we got her. Age is catching up to her. She is a bit more hard of hearing. Like Linda and me she creaks a bit here and there and she sleeps in a bit more on cold mornings. All that said she is great and very clearly the Queen of the manor or least in her mind and her world. I will try and send a picture along. Thanks for all the good work you do and Happy Holidays.

Nov 2014: Greg & Linda write: Myla was, as nearly as we can estimate nearly 18 years old and was skin and bones and in some pain as well so we decided to have her put down and cremated. Her ashes will be buried near her favorite place to lay in the sun, with a large rock to cover her. It is also a place that the occasional lizard that drove her nuts will lie there to sun himself. Thanks for all your help in finding this great dog. We appreciate having had her in our lives but age, 18 years, had caught up with her. Please visit Myla at The Bridge.

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