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Jan 2016: MURPHY Murphy came to us via a Utah shelter. He is a big boy at 65 lbs and about 1 year old. He wants to play with any dog. Ryker will give him some play and initially Dapper did too but he is big and rough so Dapper has snarked at him a couple of times. Does not deter him. He is house trained, is doing a lot of whining at the moment probably due to all the changes. He was taken to the shelter by the original owner's mother. They moved and left him with her and she could not handle him. He lived with a female dog of his size. He is fine with other males as well -- as long as they will play. Lived with kids about 8 yo.
Murphy was adopted from the shelter and the family kept him about a month, got him neutered. They took him back and told the shelter he did not get along with their other dog. We believe that was all on the the other dog not wanting a puppy pestering him 24/7.
He goes into a crate but whines non-stop if you are in the house. He figured out how to open the baby gate into the kitchen in about 5 seconds. He could easily jump it but a nose whack and a paw did the trick.

He is going to need a home with a runner, daily hikers or another young dog who is willing to tussle and play 24/7 to run off his boundless energy. I went out and tossed a stick for about 20 minutes and while he does not retrieve to hand he comes back to me and then I have to grab the stick. I grabbed his mouth and played with him with my hands in his mouth and he has a soft mouth. After that he crashed on the floor for about an hour and then jumped on top of Daryl laying on the couch for a cuddle. Daryl needed to move him a bit even 65 lbs was too heavy for him for a dog laying on his chest!

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