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Murphy Handsome Bussio, bred by Tealís Vizslas, was born 5/23/08 to Tealís Savage and Tealís Ithaca. Murphy came to rescue as a loved family member who needed a new home due to the humans life changes. Murphy is a big boy at 65 lbs and 24 inches tall. He is good with other dogs, cats, and kids. He loves to run with the 4 wheelers. He is house trained and knows basic commands.

When his previous owner told me he loved being outdoors, came to call, and he would love to see him in a place with wide open spaces I knew we had "the dog" for a local family who had been waiting for a match. I called Janet, sent her photos, and they made arrangements to meet. Pi and Murphy hit if off great and the love affair was on.

Dec 2010, Janet writes: We are so excited. He is perfect for our household. WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!!! I love this dog beyond words.

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