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Willie is a big strapping 1-yr old boy who came into rescue as a stray and after bunking with some weims & coonhounds for a few nights he made his way to Sue in WY where he spent a couple of weeks getting his medical needs taken care of. Willie now lives in CO with Michael and Kari where he is enjoying his new life exploring the Colorado mountains with his new V sister, Halee.

Michael writes: When we picked up Willie in Rock Springs, WY we knew he was going to be a great dog. Just moments out of Rock Springs we found out that Willie fit the typical Vizsla persona as a Velcro dog. After a few minutes of whining, he won the battle and my fiancÚ ended up in the backseat with Willie right in her lap. Willie is an extremely loving dog; we call him our gentle giant.

Upon arrival at his new home, Willie was introduced to his new playmate Halee, our 1-yr old Vizsla. They took one look at each other and immediately started playing. They played well into the night and had to be separated in order for anyone to get any sleep! Willie has adapted well to his surroundings and his new playmate since arriving to his forever home. Last weekend Willie was introduced to the local dog park where he was quite the socialite making his rounds to greet all the dogs.

Willie has very good manners and is a quick learner. He is learning how to walk better on a leash and is beginning to understand "Come", "Stay", and "Laydown". Willie is such a smart dog; he is learning everything so quickly. We have been so lucky to receive a dog like Willie. He has been a welcomed addition to the family.

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