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Max was an owner release to the Missoula animal shelter at 18-mos. He would not stay home, but the man had no fence and he was left outside. This was Max's second home as he was given away free from an ad in the local paper and this second home kept him only about six months. In mid-February 2001 Kaz drove the 320 miles roundtrip from Coeur d'Alene to Missoula to pick him up from the shelter and found him to be house trained and a perfect little beta boy. While in foster care we discovered that he loves all kids, dogs and cats and was reliable off lead with supervision. He was a small boy at just 40 lbs and probably mixed with some chocolate lab. He was, however, a serious fence jumper so the search began for a home where fence jumping would not be a consideration.

In March Katy contacted Rebecca after seeing his picture on the website and the wheels were in motion. Since Katy lived in an apartment fence jumping was not an issue and she also lived near mountain trails and, as a student, had flexible hours and lots of time to spend with her new best friend. Katy and Max seemed like a perfect match for each other and arrangements were made to get him from his foster home in north Idaho to Boulder CO. Kaz in Coeur d'Alene, Christy (Rye's mom) in Moscow and Penny in Boise teamed up to carpool him to Ogden where he finally got to meet Katy who drove all the way from Boulder CO. After a mini dog party at Angela's (Amiga) Katy and Max were back on the road and headed for Boulder.

A big thank you to Kim Ridge, the Missoula shelter manager, for working with rescue groups to get dogs placed. Be sure to also visit www.montanapets.org for links to the Montana shelters.

Nov 2001 update: The Max Monster had some issues with separation anxiety and eventually got Katy in trouble with her association so in the fall of 2001 Katy and Max bought a house! He now has a fenced yard and a doggie door and apparently just didn't like being couped up inside while she was gone because the new neighbors all report that Max does not bark at all. Thanks Katy for your devotion to Max and we wish you both many great years together.

Feb 2002 In February Max got a new play buddy when Katy's friend, Nicole, adopted Lizzie from Weimaraner Rescue in Mountain Home, ID.

Aug 2004: There was another really big change in Max's life this year when Boulder's Indigo Skye aka Indy joined the family. Katy writes: I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help getting us together with Judy Hetowski. She has been just great and as you know, we became the official parents of "blue boy" now officially "Boulder's Indigo Skye" ... "Indy" for short ...he is just awesome. He and Max are adjusting nicely. Without you we would not have found her so you are the reason we have such a special boy! You are the official God mother!

Jun 2005: June 2005: This year brought a move for Katy & Max from CO to Chicago. Katy writes "I found a wonderful condo with a yard that is 1/2 a block from a wonderful park named OZ Park (after the wizard of Oz). SO, Max gets lots of ball throwing and trips to the lake to swim. Last weekend, he learned to run off the dock and jump in the water to fetch a stick. What a stud, eh?"

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