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Morgan, formerly known only as "blue", has taken over real estate in Idaho Falls. He came to UT/ID rescue along with 4 of his brothers when a local breeder was unable to sell them. He was born 6/19/02 to an AKC mom and dad. He gets to go to work each day with dad and loves to ride in the car. Morgan is learning house manners and will get to play with his brother and buddy Pete who is also living near by. He also has a lab buddy named Bump to romp with and go fishing and hunting with. Morgan selected George by picking up the leash and carrying it around the yard in SLC -- we only hope George is as happy with his choice as we know Morgan is to have a forever home!

Mar 2011: About 5 years ago Morgan lost his dad to cancer. He was lucky to have extended family who loved him and he moved to CA where he is enjoying life and making the family laugh. He loves to have his butt up on the couch or chair with his feet on the ground. He also has another dog housemate who, in small dog style, bosses him around. Morgan gets to sleep in the bed each night and true to form he is a bed hog. Thanks for loving the dog George loved.

Mar 2012, Krysti writes: Here is an updated pic of Morgan. He is living comfortably in California and still loving life!!

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Morgan & his brother Pete.

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Maxi (was Cognac)

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