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Monte was owner released to rescue at 10-months old in Spring 2004 when his family found him to be too high energy for the time they had to give him. He was born 6/6/2003, sire: Midnight Rebel Rex; dam: Whistlin Dixie's Bird Buster. While in foster care he learned about crate training (not his favorite thing), house breaking, cats and that sometimes even other vizslas think he has too much energy! We found out he loves food, kids, other friendly dogs, men more than women, tolerates cats and rides well in the car, is a little hand shy and cowers if scolded.

May 2006: After 2 years in his first adoptive home, a job change and new baby brought Monte back into the rescue system and perhaps he was just waiting for the stars to align in his favor because his timing couldn't have been better. Monte's first adoptive home trained him to hunt and helped him grow into a wonderful, happy dog. He's still a little timid in new situations but at 3-yrs old he is finally becoming the vizsla he was meant to be.

Jack was considering adding a second dog to his household when a friend told him about rescue, he looked us up, came to meet Brody & Sage, heard about Monte, a play date was arranged and the match was made! Jack is happy to have a hunting buddy, Cider is happy to have someone else to go hunting with dad and the big scary gun and Monte & Cider are a perfect match to keep each other company while Jack works so he can buy them toys and take them fun places. Monte spends his days playing with Cider, his evenings hiking in the foothills and we're looking forward to some good hunting stories from Monte and Jack when huntin' season rolls around.

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