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Molly came to us as a 1-yr old bloodhound/redbone cross (b. approx 6/2007) who was at risk of being shot after her owner passed away and she was too much dog for the family to manage. We knew she wasn't a vizsla but, hey, she was red and needed a safe haven so what could we say? Molly spent a couple of months with Penny's co-worker who already had a bloodhound and knew the breed well. Molly got along famously with the bloodhound but she eventually wore out her welcome with the resident border collie/pitty mix who got tired of her constant body slamming play style and came back into foster care with the vizslas.

Oct 2008: Caralea was still coming to grips with the devastating loss of her beloved Freddy to lymphoma at the young age of 6-1/2 yrs. She missed her "little hound dog" so when she heard about Molly in need of a home it was too much to resist. We know Freddy would not want his mommy to be houndless after all the effort he invested in her training and we were pretty sure Molly had found her forever home.

Molly loves her new life, walking with mom, playing at the dog park, going for car rides, dining at local dog-friendly eateries and meeting new human friends. There is no such thing as a stranger in Molly's eyes! Emmy Lou tolerates her pesky baby sister and mom Caralea is stepping up to challenge of raising another headstrong hound dawg puppy.

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