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Molly was an owner release to UT rescue. She was given up for having too much energy and the single mom not enough time for her. She was fostered by Karen, Allie & family in Salt Lake. During that time they found her to love all humans and other dogs. She was a runner however and they had to track her down after an escape out the front door. Molly is high energy and really wanted to be in a family with other dogs to play with.

Vicki & Co. were the perfect choice as Cody wanted a sister of his own. So Molly caught a ride up to ID from UT with Karen Culver who was attending a dog show. And not only did Molly get a great home -- the family went out and bought a new dog hauler! So the whole family has a new van with room enough for kids, adults and doggies.

Jun 2006: We were sad to learn that Molly lost her buddy Cody early in 2006 to complications of Cushings Disease. In April she gained a new little sister when Jessy joined the family.

Jan 2012: Molly started acting lame in her left rear leg just before Christmas. Shortly after New Years xrays confirmed a diagnoses of cancer near the head of the femur. Her pain was managed as much as possible with medication but in the end it was best to let her go in peace surrounded by the family she loved. She was well loved and will be greatly missed.

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