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In early May 2000 we agreed to foster a "Vizsla mix" for a week so she could go to an all-breed rescue group's adoption day. Mocha was about 9-mos old when she came from a shelter in Provo, UT. At the adoption day the group told Rebecca that if she was not adopted that day they would take her back to the shelter and put her down. Mocha promptly got back in the car with Rebecca and missed the entire event. Rebecca had a new puppy on the way so Mocha took a ride to Boise, ID to be fostered by Penny & Frank until a home could be found. Her temperament and markings were closer to a German Shorthaired Pointer than Vizsla and GSP Rescue of Idaho agreed to help with her placement. She was skittish about household noises (cupboard doors, toilets flushing, etc.) so we assume she had not spent much time in houses. During her 6 weeks in foster care we discovered she was shy on first meeting but came around quickly as she did not want to miss anything, loved car rides and was a sneak and a shoe thief. Mocha is a high-energy sweetheart with great curiosity. We took her to observe a hunt test and found that she was very birdy and not the least bit gunshy so we set about finding a home for her where she could be a family member first but also a hunting companion.

In June that perfect home was found and she now lives on 5 acres in Kuna, ID with Rodger & Donna, a recently retired couple who fell in love with her even though she barked at them for an hour the first time they met her. They have previous experience with pointing breeds and were not the least bit put off by Mocha's high drive and loved her sweet personality. She was the perfect complement to their new home and their new life of leisure. Mocha's story is another wonderful example of the benefits of rescue groups working together for a common goal.

May 2012: We received news this month that Mocha passed away on May 8th. Thank you Rodger & Donna for letting our rare spotted vizsla into your lives for 12 wonderful years. She will always be "Mocha Bean the little queen" to us. Visit Mocha at The Bridge.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Mocha with her new family.

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