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Original story 2003: Misty was estimated to be 3-4 yo. She is about 22 inches tall and 40 lbs, should be about 45. She has a properly docked tail, dews removed. She came to rescue as an unclaimed stray from the Ogden UT shelter. Nyra is very timid and shy. She seems to have been an only dog but is learning that the other dogs are not out to eat her. She is a couch and bed snuggle pro, is housetrained, and is crated while we are gone (much to her chagrin). She is not a big barker in the yard, not a big chewer or digger. I don't have kids or cats so cannot tell you about those aspects. She does appear to be on the alpha side and she loves to mark over the top of my two boys. She has been around another female V without any fray, but has not lived in the house with another female. She rides well in the car, walks fairly well on lead, but can be a picky eater. Nyra needs someone who can teach her confidence and give her love with a very gentle and understand hand. Misty was adopted in Feb 2003 and you can read her original adoption story here.

Jan 2011: Misty's adoptive family of 7 years was transferred overseas to a country she could not go to so in Dec 2010, Misty came back to us. She has been well loved since 2003 and we are sad for her family but, in true vizsla fashion, Misty is adjusting to all the changes in her life like a champ. She suffers from pretty severe allergies and we are working to try and get a handle on the constant itching and yeasty ears. She is believed to be about 11-yrs old now and is a graceful, gentle soul. She is good with all people, dogs and cats, comes to call on a trail and loves to snuggle in your lap. We've added some new photos of Misty in her foster homes.

May 2011: Like a cat, some dogs appear to have 9 lives and Misty certainly surprised us all when she grabbed the gold ring in the spring of 2011. Debbie wasn't looking so much for a vizsla as she was a buddy to share her life with when she spotted Misty's story and knew she had to meet her. The meet & greet went well, the evening visit went even better and when Penny needed someone to watch Misty during a weekend out of town Misty weaseled her way deep into Debbie's heart. Debbie continues to work with Misty and the holistic vet to find a food and treatment approach to manage the allergies. Misty loves her new life as queen, princess and friend all rolled into one. Thanks Debbie for giving an old girl a chance to be queen of her castle during her golden years.

Jul 2011: It is with heavy hearts we tell you that Misty passed away last week. She suffered from a heart murmur but her enlarged heart wasn't quite big enough to handle all the love passing through it. We will miss you sweet girl. Run fast, run swift and play hard until we see you again. (see Debbie's tribute to Misty at The Bridge)

(Very special thanks to the Vizsla Rescue Fund for their help with the ongoing costs of Misty's care.)

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