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Original story, Nov 2008: Reddog Ranch Mischief was born 12/2/2000 with an AKC birth certificate (sire: Arrugo; dam Tulsa of Trails West) and is need of a new home due to health issues in her human family. She is not the prettiest vizsla in the world but you won't find a friendlier girl than Mischief! She is a bit like a bull in a china shop and has little concept of her own size but this girl has never met a stranger, loved the vet, is good with cats and kids and house broken. She recently had a spay, hernia repair, dental, is current on vaccines and is microchipped. Mischief has always lived with cats and other vizslas and her current foster home includes 3 vizslas and a cat.

Feb 2009: Mischief found her retirement home with Heather & Harry in northern Utah. Thanks Heather for giving an old girl a chance at the good life.

Dec 2010, Heather writes: Hi Rebecca, This is the time of year that I got Harry, the big lug (3 years ago), and Mischief from Idaho a year later! I am forever grateful! They are both wonderful Christmas presents. Missy/Mischief had a mast cell tumor just taken out recently. Mischief is doing great... you canít even tell that she was sick. I will be doing tummy and nipple checks on her daily now. Harry is an angel as always. Can you believe his face is turning white? I think his original name must have been Harold, because he listens to me better when I call him Harold. Harry or Harold, he is great! I will send you pictures soon. Happy Holidays!

Jan 2012, Heather writes: After Mischief/Missy's recovery from her last cancer in 2010, she has been diagnosed with Hemangiopericytoma. This is the same cancer that my Zoe had. Missy has a large tumor in her stomach -big as a softball. I found this out last Tuesday when I took her to the vet about her leaking urine. She also looked bloated. I had an ultrasound done to see if it was operable. She is 11 now and I decided it wasn't worth putting her through a surgery that might not work. She is at home with me and like Zoe I will watch her to see when she is ready to go. There is a possibility that her tumor could burst, so I am keeping watch. Poor Harry...he will be a widower again. He seems very attached to Mischief and I think he will be sad when she is gone. She has been the best dog for the three + years that I have had her. I am very sad. Just wanted to let you know. Did you ever hear what happened to after her sister/half-sister Annie was diagnosed with cancer?

*Note: Mischief's half sibling, Anni, was adopted through the NWVRA.

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