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The New Mexico 5 came from a Ruidoso NM shelter thanks to a long long drive by Daryl. We heard about them on a Wednesday and on Friday Daryl was in the car driving as it was clear they could not survive an extended stay at the shelter. Their owner dropped off the whole litter at 6 weeks of age as he could not give them away. He told the shelter mom was a Vizsla but since he has no fenced yard he had no idea who the father was. There were 6 puppies, all were very small, all needed added food and medical care as their weights ranged from 4.25 up to 6 lbs. One very tiny sister passed away at the shelter. Our best guess at the mix is GSP, Weim, or Choc Lab based on the solid color, coat length and body style. Their estimated DOB is March 24, 2004 they have natural tails and dew claws.

As a part of the litter, Mini was the smallest and least confident. However, once on his own he developed into an outgoing puppy with a strong personality. He spent a few weeks at a potential home and they have another dog who would not "correct him" in dog terms. He is appropriate in behavior to a dog that does correct him and will leave them alone or quit the behavior. He can throw a temper tantrum like a tired child when he is engaged with a toy and you take it away. For these reason we would not place him in a home with young children. He needs a home with a person who knows what strong leadership is but does not believe that means physical dominance. He is crate trained, house trained, does well on lead and on off lead hikes in the mountains , and he loves to cuddle. He is not an avid chewer but like any puppy he does not know yet all the things he can and cannot chew. He will dig in the yard if left unattended and love sticks, leaves and bugs as toys. His favorite toy is a duck with a squeaker that is he working on de-stuffing. During his neuter we had his hips checked as we noticed some limping after longs days of runs and hard playing. His hips are fairly loose but at 4 months this is a situation that could resolve or he could be mildly dysplastic as an adult. He needs exercise but not with a runner, hunter or agility person. He needs to remain thin as that lessens any potential future problem. If you can provide the structure and guidance this baby needs, he will provide you with love for years to come.

Mini found a wonderful home in UT who is willing to have the surgery needed to help Mini's hips be the best they can for his lifetime. He also found two playmates in Fritz and Sophie. We are thrilled that we get to watch him grow, and baby-sit him to boot! Take care of our precious little Mini Me who arrived at 4.25 lbs and is up to a grand 24 lbs now -- and growing like a weed. There are some special folks in the world and you are two of them. We are happy to play the role of "doggie fairy" as well as being your friends.

Other pups from this litter are
Tayley (was Rio)
Stout (was Tyson)
Renna (was Shayna)

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