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MILO (was ELI)

Original story, summer 2014: Eli was owner released to rescue as the result of family changes where he no longer fit in. Born 1/2008 from a backyard breeder in eastern Idaho, Eli was a little confused about the changes in his life but he was reportedly raised with kids and cats. Eli is now Milo and is loving his new life as a true family member in southwest WA. Mark & Susan had lost their first vizsla a few years earlier and, not wanting to start with a puppy in a busy family, were ready to welcome Milo.... and welcome him they did!

Dec 2014, Mark writes: Our vision of another dog was one set by our first, Baci. She was a slight 40# female out of Florida born in 1995. With no kids, my wife and I raised her from a pup. I trained her to hunt and she went on many a field trip including Utah our home, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, Oregon and Washington. She was a miraculous hunter, had an unbelievably good nose, and was super sensitive and loving. We assumed the next dog was to be another female. Then Eli happened.

The local rescue volunteer called us with word of a 6 year old male out of Idaho. He had not been neutered and according to the previous owner "ran big" on hunts. When we first got him he definitely wanted to run so we always had him on a lead and didn't trust he would stay in the 5' high fenced yard. He also was very affectionate and would climb up in anyone's lap demanding attention. His personality was playful and taunted other dogs by batting them with his paws.

It took a little while for him to settle in with us but he now sleeps with our teenage boys, taking turns in each of their rooms. We changed his name to Milo. We are all in love with him as he is with us. For a long while he jumped in any car he could and refused to come out but he now acts more normal around the comings and goings of our vehicles. He's still really playful and mischievous at times... all in all, quite a character. I have yet to hunt him, but I think he'll do OK as he loves to find quail in the neighborhood.

The Vizsla rescue people were great to work with. I think we definitely had an advantage having already owned a Vizsla so we knew what the breed needs: Space to run, daily walks (really runs), lots of human interaction. We didn't get the 40 lb. girl we expected, but a lovable 55 lb. sweet knucklehead that we wouldn't do without.

UT-ID V Rescue writes: Thanks much to Mark & Susan and kids for opening your heart and home to an adult vizsla and showing him how wonderful family life can be. Enjoy your big lap dog!

Jul 2016: Milo gets to visit Cookie & her crew regularly whenever his humans have to go our of town. We added a picture of Milo with his new friend, Duke.

June 2019: Please visit Milo at The Bridge.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Milo in his new home.

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