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Milo was a stray at a Boise area shelter. He was reportedly barky and fearful in the shelter environment but, once away from the shelter, the vizsla in him blossomed and we found him to be an outgoing and friendly dog with good house manners who gets along with dogs, cats and people of all ages. He is one of those rare dogs who is so nice and well behaved it's surprising no one came looking for him.

Dec 2006: After a month in foster care the search began for a new home. That home came when Dick & Mary Lou contacted Oregon rescue about vizsla adoption after the tragic loss of their beloved Sky. Milo has some big paws to fill but we know he will do his best and with a tree farm in western Oregon for a backyard he will never lack for exercise or love. Take good care of our little "trooper".

Dec 2010, Milo writes: Here I am relaxing in front of Mom and Dad's wood stove. I really like living here.....they have 20 acres that I patrol everyday. The other day I caught a squirrel and buried it. Dad didn't want to tell mom because she hates it when little furry things and I clash. Oh well, she'll get over it. I also treed a bobcat last week. Dad couldn't figure out why such a big healthy cat ran up and stayed in a tree but I'm sure it was my ferocious barking that scared it. Secretly I was glad the bobcat didn't try and come down until we were gone (whew). Thanks for finding me such a good home. Roo-roo! Love, Milo & his staff.

Dec 2011, Mary Lou writes: Milo is doing great. He "helps" Dick on the tree farm....if sniffing out squirrels, birds, deer, etc. is considered helpful? He is getting older (notice the white face) and after a morning of tree farm "work" likes to lay by the fire for a few hours. He's also a great watch dog and lets me know when anyone drives up. He doesn't go deer hunting with the guys and keeps me company instead. We so love our dear boy and wouldn't know what to do without our goofy guy. The dog sitter calls him "a little old man in a dog suit". Evidently he's very well behaved when at the sitters compared to other doggies. Of course! Happy holidays and keep up the great work.

May 14, 2012, Mary Lou & Dick write: We lost Milo today. He was doing what he loved most, "working" with Dick. While chasing a pesky mouse he ran under the forks of a loader right when, for whatever reason, they decided to come unhooked and fell on him. Dick was with Milo and held/petted him until he was gone. I know everyone who got to meet Milo knew what a sweet, loving gentlemen he was. No one got away from him without a greeting and then a proper "lean-on". We will miss him....one less sweet, gentle spirit left in the world. Give your loved ones (four legged and/or two) a hug and a thank you for their companionship. Life will not be the same without our constant companion and best buddy. Visit Milo at The Bridge.

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