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Original story Pointing sheep or herding chukars, Millie brings new meaning to the term "dual dog". Millie was born in March 2004 and is about 35-lbs, she is spayed and up to date on shots. She came from a rescue group who told the family that mom was a purebred German shorthaired pointer and dad was unknown but based on looks we suspect a border collie. She is a very sweet dog, loves to play and be petted but she wants to be the center of attention and must be watched 100% when she is in "go mode". She has done well meeting kids at the market, park, etc. She learns tricks very quickly (good ones and bad ones) and she knows kennel-up, sit, lay down, stay and roll over. She is house trained with just an occasional accident, sleeps in her crate but has been left in the yard during the day.... although we are finding in foster care that she can be a barker and digger if left unattended in the yard. She loves water and jumping in the bath tub. At the boarding kennel she delighted in reaching through the chainlink to tip over the other dogs' water buckets.... this is the essence of Mille!!! She needs training on recall and retrieve but is highly food motivated.

Update Jan 2005: Santa brought Millie the home of her dreams in December 2004 through a wonderful rescue program called Canine Connections. This program teams at risk youth with dogs needing homes and it couldn't have been more perfect for Millie. The kids learn vocational skills, responsibility, patience and conflict resolution skills while the dogs get the benefit of training and graduate with a Canine Good Citizenship certification.... it's a win-win situation for both.

Everyone LOVES Millie and we believe she has finally found a family with the patience and committment to actually live with her as well. Her new family loves her enough to forgive themselves when they forget to put precious things out of her reach and her new buddy, Dexter, is getting used to his precocious new little sister. Maybe he sees a little of himself in her. May this be the first of many happy Christmases to come for Millie.

Dec 2012: Millie is now 8-yrs old and has seen her family change over the years but the one constant is that she is truly loved and perhaps that's why she accepts each change with the same enthusiasm she had at 6-mos old. Dexter & Grover have both crossed over and the new party boy in her life is Blue, a 7-mo old pitty mix who she adores. New pictures added December 2012... Millie is 8-yrs old!

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