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Original story: Jan 2012: Millie is a 6-yr old (b. 4/2006) purebred female vizsla with a natural tail who had a hard time adjusting to changes in her family, including a new baby. Millie is not a roll-with-the-flow kind of girl and she is fearful of men but she is very loving and loves to snuggle. She is looking for a very patient experienced owner to help her adjust to her new life. Millie likes to play with other dogs especially dogs who have good dog-dog play skills. Millie knows her basic commands well but takes a while to warm up to new people and will do best in a quiet household with a single woman.

Millie's foster report after 10 days: She loves going with me in the car--either in the 'way back' or just in the back seat. She's starting to relax a bit and get comfortable here; she'll even leave me and go into the other room. She's also beginning to play more with the other dogs and remaining friendly.with them, instead of trying to intimidate them. The cat has smacked her a couple of times and is still alive to say NA-NA-NA to Millie ;-) It's amazing, a 6 pound cat can drop her to her knees with a hissssssssssss!

Feb 2012, Karen writes: Millie is making slow progress. I took her into the training building Monday night after the class was over and the students and their dogs had left. Brenda and Lisa were there and Millie took treats from both of them. She has quit growling or woofing at Pat and will go up to him and take treats from him but won't let him touch her in any way.

Apr 15, 2012: Millie is doing well with other dogs, loves to go for car rides, is great with cats and is good meeting women... especially women with treats... but is still extremely cautious of men. Her foster mom reports she routinely seeks attention from her husband and happily takes treats but still gets nervous if he reaches to pet her. Pat is very dog savvy and knows not push her before she's ready and, for now, Millie appreciates him as a non-threatening yummy treat dispenser.

Dec 2012: After nearly a year in foster care Millie's foster mom decided she has seen too many changes in her life and would be staying right where she was... welcome to the newest member of the Culver crew and very big sister to Ollie, IB & Lacey.

Note: Millie is the daughter of Jake & Jazz who found a home together via SPDR in Washington.

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