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Original story, Sep 2013: Ember is a 5 yr old purebred vizsla, dews off, proper tail dock, owner surrendered to a rural shelter because of a move. She is a tall lanky girl and very strong at 50+ lbs. She has good house manners and is comfortable on the couch, in the bed and house broken but she appears to have had little actual training. She has no respect for fences or leashes. We are working on people focus like watch me, come to call, etc and walking on a leash but she is a work in progress. She is good with people, calm in an office building but extremely active outside with a very high prey drive. Ember suffers from separation anxiety and can clear a 6-ft fence without flinching so she needs to be confined safely inside when you are gone and she needs someone who can gently work on her separation anxiety. She is not good with cats. She is seeking an active home and will need a LOT of exercise as well as patience.

Sep 2013: Ember got the new name of Mila to go with her new home. She has a vizsla sister, Jenny, to keep her company, a mom who works from home and Greg is looking forward to getting her out to hunt in the nearby fields this fall. Enjoy your new life, Mila!

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