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Mickey came to rescue in Dec 2008 from a rural Utah shelter as an unclaimed stray. He was very weak and thin and his leg looked extra knobby. A vet visit and x-rays showed he has Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, probably from malnutrition during his critical growth stage.. Most dogs given good support grow out of this and Mickey is doing much better but may always have knobby knees. Mickey is likely a vizsla/lab mix, and should be about 24" and 55 lbs when grown. He quickly showed that he was as sweet a dog as you could find, very laid back for his age, a true cuddle bug, but happy to play as well.

Jamie and her son came to the house to visit Mickey. He then made a trip to their house to introduce him to his big sister Vizsla. Mickey got to spend the weekend on a test drive. He never needed to look further as he was a good fit for all.

Dec 2011, Jamie writes: I have been out of touch for a few years but wanted to send you some updates regarding the dog we adopted about three Christmases back. You called him "Mickey" and he was a very small, quiet, 5-6 month old that had been malnourished and was suffering some joint issues related to not eating properly. Well, "Mick" as we call him is now a 75 pound, thick muscled, happy dog, not sure if he really has any Vizsla in him, all the vets think maybe lab-boxer mix, but he still has the Vizsla coloring and the chest markings. Mick is the happiest dog I have ever encountered, nothing ever stresses him. He loves all dogs, every shape and size and all people every shape and size. I have never heard him growl at anything. Which is a true blessing having an 8 year old that loves to wrestle with him. The one thing that Mick has taught me is "not to sweat the small stuff", "life is just a party and let's have some fun". Now, honestly he hasn't been the easiest, we have done all the obedinance and agility training we can, and he has to have regular exercise because he has tons of energy, and he must have his mouth on you at all times. He still very much acts likes a puppy. But, we are forever grateful for having him in our household and would never consider not having him. My 14 year old Vizsla barely tolerates him, but I know she would be very lonely without him. I have sent a couple of pictures. Thank you so much and thank you for all you do to find homes for very deserving dogs. Merry Christmas!!

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