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Original story: Mindy came into rescue from a rural Utah shelter and is likely a vizsla/lab mix... and probably related to Mickey.

Update: Mindy spent some time in Salt Lake with the Dowdell gang and then headed to foster care in Boise with Auntie Karen. It did not take long at all for her family to find her. Lauren & Scott were looking for a young dog that would fit in with their family and children. They met several dogs that were a bit too high energy but Mindy was just the right fit. The family had to wait while her medicals were done but Mindy had a family anxiously waiting. While they waited they came up with the very fun name of Maya Moose. So first foster mom Rebecca Moose loves the name and will always remember her as a kindred spirit.

Dec 2011, Lauren writes: Maya has been just amazing for us. I can't begin to describe how special she is to me, to Scott, and to our kids. It scares me, really. She's a gentle loving soul. She gets so excited if I happen to put on clothes that she knows I run in. She won't leave my side if I'm dressed like this. She does have a tendency to wander when we run, which at times has been a little scary but she always ends up finding me - or occasionally another runner with dogs who thinks she's lost so keeps her with them then calls me. Our kids are snugglers and she's a great match for them. She sleeps with one of them every night and we often find both Maya and child with arms wrapped around each other. When the four of us are watching a movie, she MUST sit on top of us, touching all four of us, which cracks us up. When it's been a couple days since I've gotten out to run, rather than getting antsy and agitated Maya just needs to sit and touch us, as close as possible. For the most part she and I get out 5-7 times per week. When we are out for longer runs (when I'm training for a race or on a weekend) she puts in the miles. I always say she gets 3 miles for every one I cover in the hills. Her energy is boundless and she's so strong - a beauty streaking up and down hillsides gracefully like a gazelle. We can't thank you enough for finding her and choosing us. It's been an incredible 2.5 years.

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