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Original story, Nov 2011: Max was owner surrended due to changes in his family. We found him to be the most even tempered vizsla we've ever met. He gets along with dogs from yorkies to mastiffs as well as cats. He loves humans of all ages too but favors men over women. Max does have some issues with skin allergies and is prone to ear infections so needs a home who can manage that through diet, regular ear cleaning and attention to any changes in his health. He is also a bit hand shy and fearful of loud or new noises and is not a hunter.

Feb 2012: Max found the perfect home with Angela & Allen who have a proven track record of flunking fostering... so fostering Max was not on the table this time. He just moved in and made himself at home. With two senior vizslas, a min pin, cat and a human child, Max fit right in without a hitch.

Mar 2012, Angela writes: Just wanted to share a little pic with you and give you an update on Max's progress. He has settled into the routine and loves Allen the most, then Reagan and then the other animals. I think I'm last on the list and he views me only as his exercise buddy or someone to sit next too ONLY if Allen, Reagan or the other dogs are not near by. As you can see by the photo, Quinn has allowed him into her chair and space and tries to clean him every chance she gets. I think she feels very maternal with him. Cognac is the one that plays with him more and tries to keep up but in general, they all get along. Max LOVES to chase Ellie and Luna the cat. I'm not sure if its because they are small or just seem to run from him but he can't stop himself. It's a game and everyone seems to be getting along.

The ear infections have proven harder to get a handle on than we thought but we're working on getting that under control. Max had a dental last week and he did really well. All the staff kissed on him and gave him hugs and told me he was the model patient while in the hospital. He is doing better on lead and loves loves loves to run with me. I do have to take him places I can get him off lead but he stays by my side, comes quickly to call and waits patiently at the road crossing for my command. I love having a young dog I can take with me and enjoy the company. The good news is that all the dogs are more anxious to go for walks/runs now and even little Ellie is back up to three miles with the pack. Good choice to bring him into the family and we're very happy to have him. Thanks again for the recommendation!

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