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Cognac, formerly known as "wine", came to UT/ID rescue along with 4 of his brothers when a local breeder was unable to sell them. He was born 6/19/02 to an AKC mom and dad.

Maxi found his family with the help of Katelyn in WA. She had placed a V named Morzi with the sister of his new mom. The Kres-Nash family got to babysit quite often and decided they needed to have a Vizsla of their own. Maxi jumped a plane and jetted up to them. Maxi and Morzi live close to each other and get to play at the parks and in their yards. His new mom reports they are in love with him and he makes them laugh! What 7 month old V is not also a clown? Maxi loves to cuddle and will have a great friend in Isabella. He will be kept busy by his dad who also likes to run several times per week. A tired puppy is a good puppy! Take care of Mr. Bat ears.

Other pups from this litter are

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