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Original story: May 2012: Max & his lab sister, Rina, were surrendered to a local shelter when their owner chose not to pay their impound fee. They were approx 6-7 yrs old, spayed/neutered, both with incredibly nice temperaments. We first pulled Max because he was a vizsla but the thought of leaving Rina behind was too much and we went back and a got her a few days later and she was taken in by Northern California Lab Rescue. Max is wonderful with other dogs, great meeting new people and travels well in the car. He is one of the most easy going vizslas we've ever met and seems to be good with everyone and everything except cats. He is a big boy at 65-lbs but... shhhhh, don't tell him he's not a lap dog! He is not crate shy and will happily eat, sleep or lounge in a crate but cannot be left crated for long periods. He is borderline for developing separation anxiety and needs a home where he can go to work with you or who will work him up to longer time alone.

Max has had a complete dental, some eyelid skin tags removed and a senior blood panel and he is a healthy 7-yr old vizsla. He has basic manners like sit, down and come although he comes at his own pace.... which is generally ambling. Hiking with other dogs he stays with the pack and comes when they do. Dogs don't come with any nicer temperaments than Max A. Million aka Max the Magnificent, Mini Max & Mighty Max! More photos here. (Max is in Boise ID)

Jun 2012: Max did awesome on a dinner date in downtown Boise. He was totally Mr Kewl as teenagers scooted past on skateboards and squealing children played in the fountain near by. He did raise his head when a squirrel ran past but is a total love meeting people of all ages. Also, in case you are wondering... Max loves water and is great with baths (who bathes a vizsla?) and nail trims.

Jul 2012: Max found his forever home with Catherine & family in Washington state. Besides his new girlfriend Jenny, he gets to work with kids and goes to work with Catherine on occasion. We can't be happier for Max that he will be working with people becasue that's where he truly shines. Thanks Catherine for opening your heart to Max and giving him a chance to shine!

Jan 2016: Last summer Max was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy which, while not painful, is a cruel disease that impairs use of the back legs It does not, however, affect his ability to love or wag his tail and his family is committed to giving him a full life. In early January he got some new wheels in the form of a Radio Flyer and then a wheel chair that let's him drive himself... with that every wagging tail! Thanks Catherine & Robert for givng Max a life full of love and happiness. (New photos)

Sep 2019: Please visit Max at The Bridge.

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