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Max is a 3-yo purebred vizsla, b.9/16/2004 out of Dixie Cayenne & Cascade Copper Duke who was given away free to good home in the newspaper mostly because he wouldn't stay in the fenced back yard. He was placed in a home with about 10 acres but no one seemed to understand it wasn't about the size of the yard, it was about the attention he wasn't getting. Being intact he also had lots of other things on his mind besides hanging around waiting for his humans to come home. The new owners soon realized they were in over their heads with a rambunctious, high-energy vizsla who had apparently had very little training and called us rather than take him to a shelter. We found Duke to be an outgoing, friendly juvenile delinquent who, more than anything, needed some guidance and one-on-one training from his humans.

April 2008: Alex grew up around labs and shorthairs, was finally settled enough to have a dog and looking for a buddy, running partner and possible companion hunter. When he found out his landlord wouldn't allow a dog the size of a vizsla he did the only thing he could do.... he found a house with a fenced yard that would allow dogs and wasted no time moving in! We rushed him a little bit when Max came on the scene but it seemed a perfect match and with the help of Teresa in Moscow, Max & Alex made it through finals week, some emergency vet care and a new house move all about the same time. Have fun with your new buddy and thanks for giving him the life he knew was meant for him!

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