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On May 18, 2000 I got another call, a referral by the Provo shelter, from a family with a 9 mo old male with AKC papers. This family had 4 children under the age of 6 and the wife provided daycare in the home for another 4 children daily. They had no time for Max who is a typical high energy pup. Jennifer Woods in Provo agreed to foster Max and they liked him so much he almost stayed. But they decided Max probably needed a home without lots of kids, a higher fence, and with a V buddy. Denton & Malori in Tempe, AZ were very happy to hear Max was available and on July 1, 2000 Rebecca drove Max to Cedar City to meet his new family, and new V buddy Scout.

2/23/2001 update: In Nov 2000, Max's sire, Jack, dam Spice, and sister Ginger/Hanna also came into rescue by way of a breeder going out of business.

Sep 2001 Malori writes: This past June we were relocated to CA from AZ... we are taking Max and Scout, to the dog park every day. We all have made many friends there and the dogs love to go. We just wanted to thank you for letting us help out the rescue by taking Max. He has been a wonderful dog to have around. Actually, I do not think he will ever grow out of his puppyness. He is a lover and wants all of our attention. We love him very much.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Max with his new family.

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